Game of Stones

The Four kingdoms are in big danger: Great Night is coming! It will last for years or even decades! And when the sun will hide behind the horizon, the dead will arise!

There is an ancient prophecy that only gathering the forces of all human race people can survive during the Great night, but there is no peace in the Kingdom. Feuds and strife deplete the lands! According to the same prophecy only the true king will be able to unite four kingdoms, having the symbols of power from each of them. No one knows where to find these artifacts - this knowledge is lost in the distant past.

The gods are benevolent to you and they brought you to the ancient sanctuary where the symbols of power are! However, legend has it: who spends more than hour in it, goes crazy... Hurry up! Find artifacts, unite 4 kingdoms and become the saviors of mankind and escape alive ! !

Difficulty level :

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