Your new adventure game in Paris – Opéra

60 minutes to overcome the challenge

# 1 ESCAPE GAME in Paris

4 Games
6 Rooms

One hour of pure fun and adrenaline

For all your events: team building, birthday, stag & hen party….

Investigate, solve puzzles & find your way out !

Team work will be the key to success !

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Victory Escape Game - vous avez une mission !


Mona Lisa's Diamond

The largest diamond in the world, which is rumoured to have belonged to the famous Mona Lisa, is being stored at the Central Bank of Paris whilst it is up for sale. This is a unique opportunity to steal it! Gather around your « Gentlemen Burglars » team…are you still fit enough ? 


The Ghost Island guinea pigs

Leonardo’s body was found floating off Ghost Island. In his last message, he said he had evidence the hospital staff were carrying out experiments on patients brains. Only a reckless team can take over the investigations, Will you come back unscathed from such a trip ?



The Matrix

You have received a message: an incoherent series of symbols and the signature of unknown NEHO who has asked you for help. Deciphering the code leads you into an enigmatic street of Paris... this is just the beginning of your journey. Your mission: disable the Matrix, save the world! 


Alert in Volgograd

Kalkarine must urgently take refuge in the bunker of the presidential palace as the henchmen of  Dictator Karpop are on his heels. But Karpop has placed a bomb in the bunker, your special intervention unit has to locate and defuse it! You only have 60 minutes.




Cocktails, meals, snacks & caterer


Meeting rooms


Brand Customization 


Many games available


Privatization of the Escape Game 


We bring our offsite games to your event location 


Multilingual Games


Wheelchair access

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