Your new adventure game in Paris – Opéra

60 minutes to overcome the challenge

# 1 ESCAPE GAME in Paris

8 Games
12 Rooms

One hour of pure fun and adrenaline

For all your events: team building, birthday, stag & hen party….

Investigate, solve puzzles & find your way out !

Team work will be the key to success !

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Cocktails, meals, snacks & caterer

Meeting rooms

Brand Customization 

Many games available

Privatization of the Escape Game 

We bring our offsite games to your event location 

Multilingual Games

Wheelchair access


Our center "Opéra"

Mona Lisa's diamond

The largest diamond in the world, which according to rumors belonged to the famous Mona Lisa, is kept at the Banque de France while waiting to be sold.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you, burglar ace, to steal it.

But time is against you...
The police are on high alert! The security system was hacked for 60 minutes...

Will you be up to it ?

Difficulty : Beginner

Record : 37 minutes

The test subjects of Shutter Island

Leonardo’s body was found off Shutter Island, home to a psychiatric hospital. In his last message, he said he had evidence that hospital staff were experimenting on his patients.
The federal office is sending you and your team to find this evidence.

Will you return unscathed from such a journey ?  


Difficulty : Difficult

Record : 45 minutes

The doll's house

A father, worshipping his daughter more than anything, opened a doll store for her. Died accidentally in the workshop. Not supporting this absence, he decided to have her embalmed to keep her with him.
Inès, a journalist friend, tried to investigate this sordid story but without success.

Can you solve this mystery ?



Difficulty : Medium

Record : 40 minutes

Our center "Marais"

The haunted motel

In the 1950s, in the heart of the Marais, there was a motel. Shortly after opening, the three owners died suddenly. 
The motel is empty, no one has stayed there since. Until Inès, a journalist friend who wanted to look into room 237, convinced that it was haunted.

By coming out, the state of Ines has greatly deteriorated. She has gradually become crazy and repeats, in her moments of lucidity, that we must exorcise these places.

Will you have the courage to enter this Haunted Motel ?

Difficulty : Medium

Record : 39 minutes

The lost ark

Brave explorers have found a manuscript that assumes the lost ark of Apocalipto is located in a remote area of the jungles of South America.
According to legend, a golden statuette of the god Apocalipto would confer on its eternal youth owner.
On the trail of this statuette, in the middle of the Amazon jungle you land in front of a temple with mysterious inscriptions. This is just the beginning of your journey.

Will you be able to avoid the many pitfalls of this adventure ?


Difficulty : Medium

Record : 38 minutes

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