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60 minutes to overcome the challenge

# 1 ESCAPE GAME in Paris

8 Games
12 Rooms

One hour of pure fun and adrenaline

For all your events: team building, birthday, stag & hen party….

Investigate, solve puzzles & find your way out !

Team work will be the key to success !

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Mona Lisa's Diamond

The largest diamond in the world, which is rumoured to have belonged to the famous Mona Lisa, is being stored at the Central Bank of Paris whilst it is up for sale. This is a unique opportunity to steal it! Gather around your « Gentlemen Burglars » team…are you still fit enough ? 






The Ghost Island guinea pigs

Leonardo’s body was found floating off Ghost Island. In his last message, he said he had evidence the hospital staff were carrying out experiments on patients brains. Only a reckless team can take over the investigations, Will you come back unscathed from such a trip ?





The Matrix

You have received a message: an incoherent series of symbols and the signature of unknown NEHO who has asked you for help. Deciphering the code leads you into an enigmatic street of Paris... this is just the beginning of your journey. Your mission: disable the Matrix, save the world! 





Game of Stones

Great Night is coming! And when the sun will hide behind the horizon, the dead will arise!

There is an ancient prophecy that only gathering the forces of all human race people can survive during the Great night! According to the same prophecy only the true king will be able to unite four kingdoms, having the symbols of power from each of them.

The gods are benevolent to you and they brought you to the ancient sanctuary where the symbols of power are! However, legend has it: who spends more than hour in it, goes crazy... Hurry up! 

The lost ark

Some courageous explorers get their hands on a manuscript assuming that the Apocalipto’s lost ark was localized in a remote region in jungles of South America.

According to the legion, the golden statuette of the god Apocalipto would confer the eternal youth.On the track of this statuette, in the depths of Amazonian's jungle you land in front of a temple with mysterious inscriptions. This is only the beginning of your journey.

Will you be able to avoid numerous pitfalls of this adventure ?

The Whitechapel's secret

A dark evil seems to have fallen on Night City, a small town in southern Louisiana. Frighteningly staged murders are on the rise in the region, and rumours circulate about a beast made of bones and woods wandering in the nocturnal haze around crime scenes. The current investigation seems stalled and the FBI is struggling to work with local authorities ...

You are their last chance to find clues and thus stop the many catastrophes. You will find yourself on the steps of the dark house of Shirley Whitechapel, sister of the Mayor.

Aged 79 years old, she would have spent her life isolated in the forest, suffering from dementia and involved in occult practices ...

Will you solve this mystery before the beast strikes again?


The archaeologists team led by the professor Graham, doctor in egyptology, are missing. They recently found an old egypt's vestige and were focusing their efforts to translate mysterious symbols. The professor was certain that it was the key leading to a time machine.

There is every reason to believe that they succeed and crossed a spatiotemporal door. Will you follow this track, at the risk of your life ?


Arthur: The Graal's Quest

On his way back to Camelot, Arthur and his procession fell into an ambush. After a fierce fight and the betrayal of some knights, only King Arthur managed to return safely to his castle.

But the situation is serious ! Without the Graal, the king is dying! According to Merlin,  after 120 days Arthur will not be anymore... That's why you have to solve this quest! Find the Graal, and come back before it’s too late.

You are the last knights of the round table in which Arthur still trust, the last hope

For Arthur, For Camelot, For Great Britain!


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