Arthur: The Graal's Quest


After so many years, Arthur has finally found the Holy Graal !

On his way back to Camelot, his procession fell into an ambush. After a fierce fight and the betrayal of some knights, only King Arthur managed to return safely to his castle.

In the flight, he lost the Grail, as well as Excalibur, and even Guinevere.

The situation is serious ! Without the Grail, the king is dying!

According to Merlin,  after 120 days Arthur will not be anymore... That's why you have to solve this quest ! infiltrate Morgane's castle, half-sister and sworn enemy of the King, find the Grail, Excalibur and Guinevere, and come back before it’s too late

But please watch out ! Morgane is an amazing witch and seems to have a special hold about time in her castle.

You are the last knights of the round table in which Arthur still trust, the last hope

For Arthur, For Camelot, For Great Britain!

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